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KEBA KeContact P30 eMobility A-serija, punjač za električna vozila Tip 2, 32A/22kW - RFID, kabel 6m

  • Cijena (VPC): 6.575,00 kn (872,65 €)
  • Šifra artikla: 53542
  • Robna marka: KEBA
  • Jamstvo: 24 mjeseca

Tehnička specifikacija

- The charging station for safe and easy charging in the private sector

- The new a-series of our KeContact P30 is specially designed for easy and safe charging in the private sector
- Thanks to the different product variants, all electric and hybrid vehicles can be charged quickly, conveniently and safely
- The optional identification or authorisation via RFID additionally ensures that only authorised persons can initiate a charging session
- The advantages at a glance:
* Power up to 22 kW (3-phase up to max. 32A corresponds to up to 22 kW)
* The devices work in offline mode and are therefore ideally suited for applications where no online connection is required
* User identification or authorisation is optionally possible via RFID

* 1- or 3-Phase Operation: Depending on the model variant
* RFID Reader: Optionally available for authorisation of the charging process
* USB Interface: For firmware updates and configuration
* Ethernet Connection: For firmware updates and debugging
* Single-phase and three-phase units combined in one series
* Up to 7.4 kW or 22kW charging power depending on the model variant
* White design cover with KEBA branding
* The cable variants have a uniform cable length of 6 meters

- Maximum charging current per phase: 32A
- Maximum charging power: 22kW
- LED strip for status information: Yes
- DC-leakage detection: Yes
- Enable input / Switch output : Yes
- Authorization (RFID): Yes (Optional)

- USB interface
- Ethernet interface (RJ45) - Debug

- DC leakage detection
- Enable input
- Switch output
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